Freaky fusion flows Brian Kastan, Rachel Z Hakim, Peter O’Brien – Atmospheric Grooves

Freaky fusion flows Brian Kastan, Rachel Z Hakim, Peter O’Brien – ATMOSPHERIC GROOVES:  There’s no doubt in my mind that if you love improvised music, you’re gonna’ LOVE the freaky fusion flows performed on this 31 July, 2023 release from my pal Brian.  There’s no video of the trio posted yet, though one is forthcoming, I’m told… in the meantime, check out Brian and Peter in an earlier live performance to get a taste for their sonic wizardry together…

You should also check out some of the 95 videos on Brian’s YouTube channel – and SUBSCRIBE while you’re there.

Brian is one of my favorite players on the jazz/improv scene, as you’ll see when you visit this search on Contemporary Fusion Reviews… his playing is always spontaneous and fluid.  One of the most impressive things about this triple album is the variety of styles they play in… all the way from the “truly out” on “Alien Jam” to Rachel’s superb keys on “Leaving The Atmosphere“, you’ll be on the edge of your seat – I was VERY impressed, and you will be, too… An absolute gem of an album!

If you’re a fan of music that is both challenging and soothing at the same time, you’ll visit the Bandcamp page for the album below and purchase the album, or (just) the tracks you like the most.  This is highly recommended for an expanded review.  It gets a (perfect) 5.00 “EQ” (energy quotient) rating, which means that it also gets a “PICK” from me for “best styled improvised album”.

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