Fascinating original vocals Michaela Steinhauer – Changes & Choices

Fascinating original vocals Michaela Steinhauer

Fascinating original vocals Michaela Steinhauer – CHANGES & CHOICES:  This is actually my first exposure to the fascinating original vocals that Michaela creates… she’s joined by Roman Stolyar on piano, Alexey Kruglov on sax… though I didn’t find a specific YouTube channel for her (hint! hint!), I did find a very nice live set between her and Roman – so check that out first…

Since this new album doesn’t officially release until January 15th, 2021, you won’t find any samples up yet, but I can tell you that the tightness of the groove the trio weaves is totally evident on songs like the beautiful “She’s Dancing”… it clocks in at 6:53, and includes some amazing interchanges between the sax and piano, woven very nicely in, under, around and through Michaela’s alive and “on” storytelling!

“Nothing New Under The Sun” is a perfect matchup for jazz DJ’s… 3:49 makes it a perfect insert into any playlist, and the free-wheeling style of each of the players lends a touch of “pizazz” you don’t often hear on jazz vocal CD’s… I just LOVED this tune.

It was just too easy to fall in love with the tune that turned out to be my choice for personal favorite of the nine enchanting songs offered up for your jazz journey… “Moving” again has Michaela telling stories that will hold you (and your ears) totally captivated!

I give Michaela and her partners a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98… get more information on this great release on Michaela’s website as it becomes available.                                    Rotcod Zzaj

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