Faith Angelina brilliant day Faith Angelina – Sunny Day video

Faith Angelina brilliant day
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Faith Angelina brilliant day Faith Angelina – SUNNY DAY VIDEO:  I recently was notified that our young piano soloist Faith Angelina has skyrocketed to the top 20 of ZoneMusicReporter’s Top 100 list… she is riding at number 6, a major achievement, to be sure.  In celebration of that, I want to introduce you to one of the most joyful tunes on her album, Reaching 12… watch the video below, then I’ll add a comment or two…

I thought the balloon theme was perfect for this video, expressing the freedom that comes from knowing yourself, and carrying you away to brand-new heights… this is a piano star on the rise, no doubt; we also found out that her Faith Angelina Music Store had it’s grand opening on November 16th, 2017… what a way to end a very successful year – Faith is also going to be recording a new album in 2018 – we will keep you abreast of all the news about that as it emerges, of course!


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