Exciting jazz vocal debut Gretje Angell – In Any Key

Exciting jazz vocal debut Gretje Angell

Exciting jazz vocal debut Gretje Angell – IN ANY KEY:  One of the real benefits of being known as a reviewer is that I get lots (& I mean LOTS) of exciting jazz vocal work submitted… this ultra-cool debut release from Gretje is right up at the top of my favorites list (so far) for 2019… Gretje & her players (Dori Amarilio – Guitar, Kevin Axt – Bass, Steve Hass – Drums, Kevin Winard – Percussion, Chuck Berghofer – Bass, Michael Hunter – Trumpet, Orchestra – Budapest Scoring) take jazz vocals to new levels… there wasn’t a “LIVE” video of the players on this album, but here’s a very cool video of Gretje & guitarist Dori (who also produced this new release) , from a couple years ago…

…as you can see, Gretje is a “natural”, who was “born to sing jazz”… you’ll find many more videos if you SUBSCRIBE to Gretje’s YouTube channel…. I did.  If you continue to check in, you might even find some songs of this new release posting there later (hint! hint!).

Long-time readers of this magazine know that I tend to favor singers who can also play an instrument… she started out on string bass, and her high-end skills shine like gold on tunes like “Tea For Two” (sample links will work in mid-July)… laid-back vibe, yet full of LIFE!

Gretje’s rendition of “I’m Old Fashioned” is amazing… her voice will grab your heart & hold you right in her magical spell… I predict this one will be getting some MAJOR airplay on jazz stations ’round the globe.

Of the nine songs offered up, it was (hands-down) Gretje’s performance on “Fever” that won my vote for personal favorite… a real Latin flavor, & superb recording make it one of the most unique iterations of this classic jazz tune I’ve ever heard!

I give Gretje & her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99 for this most excellent jazz vocal adventure.  To get more information about her, visit Gretje’s website.           Rotcod Zzaj

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  1. Holy Smokes, Dick – thank you for taking the time to listen to my record, your wonderful compliments, and this fantastic review!!! :):):) …and you’re right, I have three music videos for this album, the first of which was released at the beginning of August.

    Thank you, again,
    Gretje :^)

    • Hi, Gretje – thanks very much for the personal reply; glad to hear you liked the review!

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