Exciting experimental jazz vocals Melbreeze – I Love Paris

Exciting experimental jazz vocals Melbreeze

Exciting experimental jazz vocals Melbreeze – I LOVE PARIS:  I first heard Melbreeze perform vocals on Gergo Borlai’s “The Missing Song” album, and was highly impressed… on her new album, she’s created exciting experimental jazz vocals that will run chills up & down your spine… to get a taste of her tantalizing style, watch her promo video for the album first…

There’s lots more where that came from, so be sure you SUBSCRIBE to Melbreeze’s YouTube channel (I did it right away); you’ll also find the impressive player list for all ten songs down under the promo video.

The best word to describe Melbreeze’s performance on Jule Styne’s “I Fall In Love Too Easily” is – “haunting”… Scott Kinsey’s keyboards on this tune take the song right into the back-alley jazz/juke joints I used to frequent in Frankfurt, Germany… DJ’s will be spinning this 5:50 gem often!

Masterfully woven train sounds meshed in with Melbreeze’s vocal give “Sentimental Journey” a brand-new meaning… I can guarantee that you’ve never heard a more attractive performance of this great song.

Though it’s one of the shorter songs on the album, I found the 4:30 “Dat Dere” (Oscar Brown) was an easy choice for personal favorite of the ten tunes offered up for our listening… great, though subtle, children and baby sounds are a significant part of the weave!

I give Melbreeze and all her players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.98 for this most attractive hour of unique jazz.  Get more information on the Melbreeze website.                                     Rotcod Zzaj

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