Ethereal sleep music myndstream – Ambient Sleep

Ethereal sleep music myndstream

Ethereal sleep music myndstream – AMBIENT SLEEP:  I’ve been reviewing several releases from this label, but this is their first compilation of ethereal sleep music… you’ll hear three wonderful artists from the label who are masters at creating sensitive and moving music…

First up is Carl Borden’s powerfully moving “Dreamscapes“… I’ve enjoyed Carl’s music for a couple of years now, and the sonic weave he creates will fully engage you, but at the same time, it will move you into a sweet zone where slumber is imminent, and the beauty of peace helps you descend into pure unadulterated calm… you will hear angels as you enjoy the power he projects on this performance!

The strings that open Haiku’s Project’s “Guuterput” segue into some of the sweetest keyboard you’ll ever listen to, and help create images in your mind that will help you to achieve ultimate relaxation and rejuvenation… I’m positive that stations of all types around the world will be adding this beautiful song to their playlists for regular rotations. 


Last up is an absolutely stunning creation from our friend Michelle Qureshi, titled “Tomorrow By Another Name“… what I’ve always loved about Michelle’s work is the “hidden tones” that she weaves into her songs; this wonderful composition is my choice for personal favorite of the three tantalizing songs offered up on this sonic journey… her pacing is pure perfection… you will be returning to this piece often.

During the last three months, I have been using music like this to help in my healing process… the genius of these three players in helping to create atmospheres that encourage and enhance the sleep state is the perfect release for National Sleep Week 2022.

I give myndstream and their tenured artists on this album a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED rating, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) score of 4.99.  Visit the myndstream label or their Spotify page to learn more about this project as it becomes available (it officially releases on 11 March, 2022).               Rotcod Zzaj

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