Energetic sonic visual adventures Justin Kauflin – Coming Home

Energetic sonic visual adventures Justin Kauflin

Energetic sonic visual adventures Justin Kauflin – COMING HOME:  Justin’s keyboard work is definitely energetic, and he will inspire you for many different reasons… his touring schedule has taken him ’round the globe, so he has many insights you wouldn’t get from other players, and is even more unique because he lost his sight when he was only eleven years old… as you listen to the jamming strains of “Country Fried“, you’ll (easily) realize visions of neck bibs laden with chicken gravy & mashed potatoes (& I know about that, ‘coz I lived in Alabama for many years, lol)… he’s got a fantastic crew of players to make all this really come to life for you, too… Chris Smith on acoustic and electric bass, Corey Fonville on drums and percussion, and Alan Parker on acoustic and electric guitar, and together, they will captivate and stir your emotions in ways you never thought possible… I especially loved Justin’s “church” feel on this tune.

To get the full benefit of Justin’s performance skills, I most strongly recommend that you watch the official trailer for the title track, “Coming Home“…

…sheer joy to watch him interact with Quincy Jones and Derrick Hodge, who produced the album, as well as the other players… be sure and SUBSCRIBE to his YouTube topic/channel while you’re there, as well.

This is Justin’s third release, but the new album is different in some ways, as it ventures into new sonic territory bringing in more modern influences of synths, electric guitar and bass. In Justin’s own words, “I’ve always loved music that had a good groove to it, whether it was swing or funk.“; if you’re not a believer in this young cat’s high-talent yet, just dig down deep into the almost psychedelic strains of “Pendulum“, a tune that gives you Justin’s impressions of New York City… I just LOVED his keyboard on this one; I can easily see this composition being nominated for (and WINNING) an award!

My personal favorite of the thirteen songs offered up for your jazz pleasure is “Lost“… a great aural painting of how it can feel to be disconnected, something we’ve all gone through before, I’m sure.

I give Justin and his players a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, with a (perfect) “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 5.00… meaning he also gets my “PICK” for “best sonic visual adventures”.  Get more information about this great album on Justin’s website.          Rotcod Zzaj

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