Elegant jazz vocals full of life Rachel Caswell – We’re All In The Dance

Elegant jazz vocals full of life Rachel Caswell

Elegant jazz vocals full of life Rachel Caswell – WE’RE ALL IN THE DANCE:  When I first reviewed Rachel’s vocal jazz in issue # 166, I had no doubt we’d be hearing from her again… on her upcoming September release, in addition to her splendid jazz vocal work, she’s gathered truly excellent players to support her (many of whom we have reviewed in our pages before)… Sara Caswell – violin (tracks 1, 3, 5), Dave Stryker – guitar, Fabian Almazan – piano & fender rhodes, Linda May Han Oh – bass, Johnathan Blake – drums, and they collectively “pull out all the stops” to make sure this is some of the best jazz vocal material you can get today!

You won’t find samples up yet (I’ll come back and add them in as soon as I’m told the album has gone “hot), because the release date is set for September 7th, 2018, but I can tell you now that you’re going to fall in love with Rachel’s amazing vocal work on tunes like “Devil May Care”… the tune is a full-length 6:46, so there’s ample room for each of the players to shine brilliantly… from a jazz perspective, this is a “collector’s performance”, no doubt.

The opener, Sting’s “Fragile”, is mellow, yet highly-charged with the same emotions that made me fall in love with the song all those years ago… Rachel’s sister Sara plays violin with passion unlike you’ve ever heard before… I just loved her solo on this piece!

There was no doubt in my mind that Rachel’s shimmering vocal on Charlie Parker’s “Dexterity” would be my personal favorite of the ten tunes offered up… Dave Stryker’s guitar is highlighted here, too, in most splendid fashion.

An all-round LOVELY jazz excursion that gets a MOST HIGHLY RECOMMENDED from me, with an “EQ” (energy quotient) rating of 4.99… superb jazz!  Get more information at Rachel’s website as it becomes available.          Rotcod Zzaj

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